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last changeTue, 7 Jun 2011 16:23:31 +0000 (16:23 +0000)
2011-06-07  Geoffrey Thomasstatic-cat: Add all MS Office (including OOXML) and... master
2011-02-26  Geoffrey ThomasAdd .ttf and .otf font file types
2010-08-14  Anders KaseorgIgnore unparsable byte ranges.
2010-07-13  Anders KaseorgRead byte ranges lazily, and close the file afterwards.
2010-07-13  Anders KaseorgSupport suffix byte range specifiers.
2010-07-13  Anders KaseorgCheck bounds on byte range specifiers.
2010-03-21  Anders KaseorgSimplify exception handling using MonadCatchIO.
2010-03-15  Anders KaseorgSupport lots of new extensions.
2010-03-15  Anders KaseorgRequire cgi >= 3001.1.7.2.
2010-03-09  Anders KaseorgClean up open exception handling.
2010-03-09  Anders KaseorgClean up range outputting.
2010-02-23  Anders KaseorgInitial commit of scripts-static-cat.
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