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2013-06-13  Anders KaseorgGuard one-time initialization with memory barriers
2013-06-13  Anders KaseorgOrganize #includes
2013-06-13  Anders KaseorgMakefile.am: Fix ‘make uninstall’
2013-06-13  Anders KaseorgMakefile.am: Add walk_nss.h
2013-06-11  Anders Kaseorgconfigure: Use AM_PROG_AR if available (needed by Autom...
2013-06-11  Anders Kaseorgconfigure: Remove redundant AC_PROG_INSTALL
2011-09-09  Anders Kaseorggetspent: Pay attention to NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgVersion 2.0 2.0
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgAllow nonlocal users in local groups containing MAGIC_N...
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgAdd the primary nonlocal gid to local users in MAGIC_NO...
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgAdd supplementary nonlocal gids to local users in MAGIC...
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgDocument nss-nonlocal-users and nss-local-users
2011-03-30  Anders Kaseorginitgroups_dyn: Always look up MAGIC_NONLOCAL_GROUPNAME
2011-03-30  Anders Kaseorginitgroups_dyn: Rename is_local to !is_nonlocal
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgOnly look up MAGIC_LOCAL_GROUPNAME for local users
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgRemove redundant test for MAGIC_LOCAL_GROUPNAME membership
2011-03-30  Anders Kaseorginitgroups_dyn: Refactor adding a group into an add_gro...
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgDefine bool
2011-03-30  Anders KaseorgMove the repetitive NSS walking logic into an include file
2010-08-23  Anders KaseorgFix errno saving and restoring
2010-08-22  Anders KaseorgAdd copyright notice to nonlocal.h
2010-08-22  Anders KaseorgCatch undefined symbols at link time
2010-04-29  Anders KaseorgVersion 1.11. 1.11
2010-04-28  Jonathan ReedChange syslog priority when removing local groups from...
2010-04-28  Anders KaseorgUpdate licensing to LGPLv2.1+.
2009-10-23  Anders KaseorgCheck that a nonlocal lookup by id returns the right id.
2009-10-23  Anders KaseorgVersion 1.10.
2009-10-18  Anders KaseorgDisallow numeric nonlocal user/group names that look...
2009-10-18  Anders KaseorgAdd check_nonlocal_passwd and check_nonlocal_group...
2009-10-18  Anders KaseorgCheck that a nonlocal lookup by name returns the right...
2009-10-18  Anders KaseorgUse automake’s silent-rules mode if available, for...
2009-08-21  Anders KaseorgChange type of buflen to size_t.
2009-08-21  Anders KaseorgMove declarations before code.
2009-05-24  Anders KaseorgVersion 1.9. 1.9
2009-05-24  Anders KaseorgSimplify get_local_group to return the allocated buffer...
2009-05-24  Anders KaseorgEnlarge buffer sizes beyond _SC_GET{PW,GR}_R_SIZE_MAX...
2009-05-24  Anders KaseorgPass the right buffer size to _nss_nonlocal_getgrnam_r...
2008-08-10  Anders KaseorgVersion 1.8. 1.8
2008-08-10  Anders KaseorgCorrect the buffer size passed to realloc.
2008-07-29  Anders KaseorgUnindent a bunch of code in get_local_group. 1.7
2008-07-29  Anders KaseorgSkip the nonlocal handler, so we can expunge the magic...
2008-07-29  Anders KaseorgReplace recursive nss calls with explicit iteration...
2008-07-29  Anders Kaseorgglibc uses regparms for internal functions on i386.
2008-07-29  Anders KaseorgAutomakefiscate and libtoolfiscate.
2008-07-29  Anders KaseorgAutoheaderfiscate.
2008-07-29  Anders KaseorgAutoconfiscate.
2008-07-28  Anders KaseorgFix some memory leaks.
2008-07-28  Anders KaseorgAssume that errors other than NSS_STATUS_TRYAGAIN mean...
2008-07-28  Anders KaseorgTidy nsswitch-internal.h; remove unused __nss_configure...
2008-07-28  Anders KaseorgDon’t reset errno to 0.
2008-07-27  Anders KaseorgUse $(CC) for linktest. 1.6
2008-07-27  Anders KaseorgUse a version script to hide internal symbols.
2008-07-27  Tim AbbottIf NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE is set, pretend that nonlocal... 1.5
2008-07-27  Anders KaseorgBug fixes and cleanups. 1.4
2008-07-27  Tim Abbott* Have initgroups() only add nonlocal groups to nonloca... 1.3
2008-07-27  Anders KaseorgDon't link with pthread. 1.2
2008-07-27  Anders KaseorgUse a magic buflen instead of thread-local variables...
2008-07-27  Anders KaseorgLink with pthread to be safe. 1.1
2008-07-27  Anders KaseorgInitial release. 1.0
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